Japan Corporate News (JCN) K.K. enables companies to reach existing and future stakeholders - analysts, investors, customers, business partners, suppliers and media - in English and Japanese.

JCN is consisting of JCN Newswire, a press release publishing and distribution service; JCN Financial, an English-language financial disclosure service for Japanese companies; JCN Network, a bilingual industry news website; and JCN Systems, which provides software solutions to meet IR and PR department needs.

JCN services are efficient, affordable and multilingual - and produce meaningful results. Companies building communications into and out of Japan turn to JCN for the tools and services required to succeed.


JCN Financial produces and files corporate earnings statements and press releases to analysts and investors in English via terminals, databases and JCN Newswire.

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JCN Newswire provides corporate press releases to on-line financial and media destinations via news networks, databases, Internet portals and specialist websites.

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JCN Network features company news and information, annual reports and virtual trade shows in English and Japanese. Content is redistributed via JCN Newswire.

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JCN Systems provides English & Japanese database development, website management , e-mail and video technology & software to Japanese corporate clientele.

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ACN Newswire and Shihua Financial Information Jointly Offer International Corporate Data to Chinese InvestorsJCN Network Launches CSR Gallery and NewswireACN Newswire Selected Official Newswire Partner of Singapore International Water Week 2008
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